2020 Call for Session Proposals

April 29, 30 & May 1st


Content development is well underway for DME 2020 – Future Proof. We are looking for dynamic and innovative ideas that will enrich production, teaching and learning, and the emerging digital media experience within education, research, business, and its communities across sectors. Your contribution matters, and will contribute to an amazing conference experience while helping to inform and empower your peers for greater success!*All selected speakers receive a complimentary DME 2020 pass.

Please provide us with the details of your speaking session proposal as outlined in this online form. Once you complete the required information, click on the submit button, and your proposal will be directed to the DME 2020 Planning Team for consideration. You will receive a confirmation of your submission by email.


Conference Tracks

Content Creation and Dissemination

It’s not a matter of ‘IF’ you should create impactful visual content, it’s only a matter of ‘HOW’ to do it effectively to secure your organizations success and sustainability. The future is always a best guess proposition, but engagement, cultural understanding and technologies will continue to play an important role in content creation. Having the right tools, creative storytelling and innovative approaches to content development and dissemination will still be the cornerstone for success.

Possible Ideas

  • The undeniable power of video and its incredible ability to communicate.
  • The fundamentals of effective digital media content creation.
  • Live Streaming – when, where, what and WHY?
  • Who’s your audience anyways?
  • Leveraging the power of digital content on-line and through social media.
  • Imagining the future of digital media and content creation.


Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Digital Media

Digital media technology is a revolutionary way to understand the world, and how we become knowledgeable through learning. Whether, using it to meet a teaching objective or as a learning tool in the classroom, educational institutions have been embracing digital media as an important form of student learning. Many educators have been encouraging and supporting it, and have become active video creators and users themselves. The powerful movement to promote on-line learning is another way digital media is impacting teaching and learning globally.  How we position our approach and attitude towards it now, is imperative to secure a sustainable future in education.

Possible Ideas

  • The impact of Student Video Projects as a learning tool.
  • Using Digital Media to Spark a conversation.
  • Using Digital Media to Bring Lessons to Life.
  • Simple ways to move into the Digital Media world for teaching and learning.
  • Teaching sustainability using Digital Media objects.
  • Enhancing the learning experience.


Exploring education through Emerging Media and Technologies

Emerging Media has been defined in many different ways depending on the context but most can agree that it is the evolution of utilizing technology to share information in new and innovative ways. As we continue to explore this exciting and expansive world of technologies and how the application of emerging media will transform the future of communication, research, teaching, learning and entertainment, it’s imperative that we build strong foundations while embracing the potential of the unknown. Knowing that the possibilities may be endless and every perspective adds value to the conversation, sharing where we are is an important and vital step to getting where we need to go.

Possible Ideas

  • Exploring education through Emerging Media and Technologies.
  • How are universities are using emerging technologies such as VR, AR and AI.
  • Efficacy of different types of technologies to better learning.
  • The cost of developing content using emerging media technologies.
  • Creating effective and impacting reality content.
  • How to support emerging media projects campus wide.


Important dates and considerations for proposal approvals

    • Submission date extended to March 15th, 2020– Limited Space available so get your submission in early. (Proposal sessions are being reviewed as they are submitted)
    • April 10th, 2020 – Applicants must confirm their acceptance to present the selected session.
    • All selected presenters will receive a reduced conference registration rate.
    • All selected presenters are responsible for making travel arrangements and covering their personal costs of travel and hotel.
    • If you are from a private organization and wish to present at the conference, please see our Sponsorship Opportunities page


Session/Workshop Proposal Online Submission Form

  • Please describe your session clearly, along with what attendees will learn. (250 words max.)
  • We will do our best to accommodate your preferred speaking dates and times, but our unable to guarantee scheduling preferences.
  • A LCD projector, display screen and a PC/laptop computer with Internet connection will be provided. If you require additional AV, please indicate your requirements. We cannot guarantee requested equipment will be available but will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Your profile photo will be displayed on our website should your proposal be selected.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Have questions? Contact us at dme.conference@ubc.ca.